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Tengyu is a Chinese law firm featuring IP services and commercial dispute resolution. In addition to IP services, Tengyu Law firm's services also cover criminal, civil and commercial affairs, corporate business, corporate mergers and acquisitions, corporate bankruptcy and liquidation, securities legal services, immigration, investment, foreign-related legal affairs, government and corporate legal counsel, and military-related legal affairs. Our leading professionals have profound knowledge and practical experiences, widely recognized by clients around the world. Tengyu is established by experienced lawyers. Lawyers graduated from well-known law schools such as Peking University, Renmin University of China, China University of Political Science and Law, and Law Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Most of the lawyers have masters and doctorates. The professional basic knowledge is solid, the academic theory foundation is deep, and many experts with deep theoretical foundation in the industry are hired as consultants, and many lawyers with the background of judges are recruited to provide rich experience in practice.


We have strong prosecution and litigation practices in both patent and trademark fields. But besides being an IP agency, a litigation firm, we are more of an IP solution advisor for businesses. We help maximize the value of IP assets by building customized strategies for clients with various needs and at various sizes.


Tengyu values clients equally. We customize our services to meet different needs and different budgets. We strive to provide cost-effective and business applicable solutions in a timely manner. Our one-point contact service mode ensures clients’ convenience and feeling at ease.


Tengyu has an elite team of experienced and devoted professionals, who have accumulated profound knowledge through practice and are known for cultivating business needs in providing legal solutions.


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