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In the financial field, Tengyu is committed to providing comprehensive legal services in the financial field for enterprises. Eight businesses including banking, insurance, trust, financial leasing, non-performing assets, asset management, Internet Finance and cross-border finance constitute the core sector of Tengyu's financial sector
•Main legal services include:
• Bank establishment
• Daily operations of the bank
• Bank outsourcing investment
• Legal services for trust structured financing
• Legal services for real estate trust financing
• Legal services for family and wealth management trusts
• Consumer trust legal services
•Insurance institution establishment and M&A
•Insurance compliance business
•Insurance claims business
• Reinsurance business
•Utilization of insurance funds, including debt investment plans, equity investment plans, etc.
• Daily operations of financial leasing companies
• Various leasing methods such as entrusted leasing, sub-leasing, and joint leasing
•Ship leasing, aircraft leasing, large medical equipment, car leasing
•Financial bonds, secondary capital bonds, ABN, perpetual bonds and other new financing tools
•Financial leasing company rental debt ABS
•Structural design and securitization of the disposal of various non-performing assets in the financial sector
•Securities asset management, public fund and subsidiary asset management
•Internet finance, P2P
• Legal services related to financial innovation
•Preparation, establishment and investment of private equity investment funds
• Overseas private placement bonds, domestic guarantees and foreign loans
• Overseas investment projects of domestic entities
• Dispute resolution in the fields of funds, trusts, banks, insurance, financial leasing, etc.

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