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Construction Engineering and Infrastructure

The limited commercial profits of the Chinese construction industry mean that managing and solving contractual and legal issues is the key to commercial success. More importantly, no matter how complex the project, its core is to balance risk and business purpose.
In the projects and transactions we provide legal advice, Tengyu lawyers will consider how to effectively share and manage risks. This unique perspective ensures that construction risks are appropriately allocated to one or more parties that are qualified to manage such risks, so as to ensure that from the perspective of construction risks, considering related projects can be profitable for you.
Tengyu's construction engineering business is one of the core businesses of the law firm. In terms of building types, Tengyu’s legal services comprehensively cover residential, commercial complex, cultural and entertainment, public utilities, industrial projects and infrastructure; in terms of service links, Tengyu has explored contract planning, bidding, contract review and negotiation , Performance management, project claims, acceptance and delivery and the entire chain of project settlement services including the whole process service model, and with excellent team, professional division of labor and strong experience has been at the forefront of the industry.
•Preliminary project
•Contracting and bidding for construction projects
•Production and negotiation of construction project contract documents
•Construction contract performance and supervision
•Completion acceptance and delivery of construction projects
•Construction project settlement
•Construction project warranty and quality assurance
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