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Government and public services

Tengyu government and public service business is based on providing high-quality and efficient legal and extended services to the central and local people’s governments at all levels and their functional departments, judicial organs, social organizations, and non-profit organizations. Aid and charity volunteer service work.
•Main legal services include:
•Participate in formulating or reviewing the legality of administrative normative documents drafted by the municipal government
• Provide legal advice, participate in legal promotion and training, and make suggestions for legislation and amendment
• Drafting, reviewing, and revising administrative contracts, civil and commercial contracts and other legal documents
• Entrusted by the government to provide legal analysis and demonstration on major administrative decisions, major contract signing and major issues, and issue written legal opinions
• Handle local regulations and draft rules and legislation involving government functions for comments
•Study and submit written legal opinions for research and discussion on difficult legal issues related to government affairs, and put forward written legal opinions and suggestions
• Representing the government in various civil and administrative litigation matters and handling non-litigation civil and administrative disputes
• Entrusted by the government to participate in government investment promotion, ppp project investment, government procurement and other contract (agreement) negotiations and other economic and trade negotiations
• Conduct legal argumentation on major economic projects and attract investment
•One Belt One Road development strategy, regional economic development, special economic zones and free trade zones
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