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Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution is one of the core and competitive business areas of Tengyu. Tengyu has represented many litigation and arbitration cases, and has a large number of successful cases in courts, arbitration institutions and administrative organs at all levels. It has avoided or recovered huge losses for the parties and well protected the legitimate rights and interests of the parties. It enjoys a wide reputation in the industry and the society.
Tengyu can provide the best dispute resolution solution to minimize the cost of dispute resolution and maximize the interests of customers. It is dedicated to the integration of civil law, arbitration, and intellectual property rights.
As an important part of the dispute resolution Committee, criminal defense is known for its ability to solve complex and difficult problems, to handle major cases and to resolve major legal risks. Tengyu, with its superb professional ability and good litigation effect, has won high praise from the parties and all walks of life.
Criminal Legal Affairs:
Identification, evaluation, prevention and control of criminal legal risks
Acting as a defender for criminal suspects and criminal defendants
Acting for criminal victims to file charges
Criminal consultation, investigation and evidence collection
Criminal related other business
Civil legal Affairs:
Analysis of corporate civil action strategy
Representing parties in litigation (including prosecution, response, appeal, counterclaim, and settlement negotiations)
Civil investigation and evidence collection
Apply for property preservation
Agent application for civil execution
Arbitration legal affairs:
International clients participate in arbitration, mediation and dispute resolution procedures in China
Representing Chinese clients in arbitration, mediation and dispute resolution procedures at home and abroad
Application, recognition and enforcement of arbitration awards at home and abroad
Administrative legal affairs:
Administrative legal consultation
Acting for administrative reconsideration and litigation
Labor dispute legal affairs:
Representing labor dispute arbitration and litigation
Corporate Human Resources Compliance Legal Services

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