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Competition law

Tengyu has an experienced antitrust law/competition law team. Provided comprehensive anti-monopoly legal services for domestic and foreign clients in the areas of business concentration declaration, anti-monopoly litigation, anti-monopoly investigation, anti-monopoly compliance review, etc.
Main legal services include:
Antitrust and anti-unfair competition civil litigation
Anti-monopoly declaration for concentration of business operators
Antitrust administrative investigation
Antitrust compliance review
Legal risk and compliance
As the main business area of the focused project, this business involves many industries in society, and the business carries foreign projects.
The capable business team, working together with concerted efforts, carry out legal control of the business strategy for the company, solve the problem from the big to the small, from the solution to the nothing, and always focus on the realization of the company's goals and help it succeed!
•Legal risk assessment
•Legal risk consultation
•Resolve legal risks
•Legal Risk Advisor
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