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Message from the Director of Tengyu Law Firm in 2020

1. Tengyu Vision
Tengyu Law has its responsibility to build a world-leading law firm. The globalization of trade and investment requires law firms and lawyers that can adapt to global services. Differences in language and jurisdiction have become obstacles to the globalization of legal services. Tengyu's vision is to solve existing problems and establish legal service globalization that matches the globalization of trade.
2. Tengyu's service concept
Lawyers and clients are in a symbiotic relationship. It is difficult for a lawyer without a client to survive, and a client without a lawyer cannot properly resolve legal disputes. Tengyu's service philosophy is to provide professional and ultimate legal services based on the client and the law. The society is now in the era of the Internet and the information revolution. Traditional lawyers with a gold-plated form cannot meet their needs. The specialization of lawyers is clear and precise. Individual services are transformed into teams to handle legal affairs. Therefore, Tengyu Law Firm builds a professional and refined team that cooperates with each other and is responsible for complementing each other. Legal services are still services in essence. On the basis of ensuring professionalism, increasing the ultimate service process and increasing the client's sense of experience and participation are Tengyu's way of survival.
3. Tengyu's humanistic environment
A law firm is not simply a manager. The law firm is a development platform for lawyers. Talent is the foundation. A strong lawyer means a strong law firm. A relaxed and simple humanistic environment is the purpose of Tengyu founding firm. The service of law firm is greater than the management of Tengyu. Tengyu is a big family. Every lawyer is a member of the family. Let us build the family in 2020. Is more powerful.

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