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The leaders of HK ACHARYA & COMPANY, India, visited Tengyu and talked about international business cooperation in intellectual property

On December 06, ANAS QURESHI and OMKAR ACHARYA, leaders of HK ACHARYA & COMPANY Law Firm visited Beijing Tengyu Law Firm to exchange views on the characteristics and development of intellectual property business in China and India, with a view to jointly providing intellectual property legal services for Chinese and Indian enterprises. Wang Xin, director of Beijing Tengyu Law Firm, Liu Li, chairman of the Management Committee, and lawyers of Tengyu warmly welcomed them. The two sides held conversation meeting and discussed the international cooperation of intellectual property rights.





Founded in 1977, HK ACHARYA & COMPANY is one of the largest intellectual property law firms in India, headquartered in Ahmedabad, India, with offices in Mumbai, Vadodala, Rajkot and Morby. HK ACHARYA also has offices in the United States and is the single point of contact for India and the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation region. Wang Xin also introduced the development and vision of the law firm to the Indian foreign guests, as well as serving many well-known clients at home and abroad. Chinese clients have a strong willingness to enter the overseas market, and the demand for intellectual property business in the target country is very huge. During the meeting, both parties had in-depth exchanges with the foreign guests to realize the complementary advantages between the two sides and further optimize the allocation of resources.



During the exchange, both parties expressed their willingness to cooperate. ANAS QURESHI and OMKAR ACHARYA thanked our firm for their warm reception and invited our lawyers to visit H K Acharya & Company. This cooperation can realize the complementary advantages between the two sides, further optimize the allocation of resources, expand the coverage of services, and improve the efficiency of business execution. At the same time, it also further improves the international competitiveness of both sides and enhances the professionalism of legal services in related fields. The two sides can also gradually expand the business market in the field of cooperation through the sharing and exchange of advanced ideas, and seek a win-win or even more profitable situation.


After the meeting, Wang Xin, Director of the Law Firm and Liu Li, Chairman of the Management Committee, took photo with ANAS QURESHI and OMKAR ACHARYA. Both parties have entered into a preliminary strategic cooperation agreement to mutually benefit and jointly promote the development of their international intellectual property business. It is believed that in the future cooperation, the cooperation between the two sides will be closer.

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